Cat Toy Set 11 Pieces

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This is the purr-fect interactive toy for your cat!

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This is the purr-fect interactive toy for your cat! Your cat will play with these feather toys, chewing, chasing, scratching, grabbing,etc! You can use the cat teaser wand to interact with your feline friend, to play, increase their exercise, reduce weight and keep them healthy and agile.

The cat toy set includes 11 toys, including cat teaser retractable wand, colorful feathers, worms and other styles. There are bells on most feathers. When playing with your cat, the feathers will swirl and the bell will sound, which will increase the interest of the cat.

Product Details:

Color: Multi-colored

Wand Size/Description: Flexible and retractable cat wand. Length is 14.5 inches/37 cm. The interactive handle of the interactive cat stick is soft and comfortable to hold.

Quality & Safe Materials: Cat interactive toys are made of safe, environmentally friendly, durable, non-toxic plush materials.

The package includes 11 pieces. 1 retractable rod and 10 attachments


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